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About Sterling by Music Man Basses

Created to make high-end basses accessible to more musicians than ever before, Sterling by Music Man has evolved into a name trusted by bassists everywhere. Inspired by the Music Man StingRay 5 bass, but lighter and smaller, these basses were named after inventor Sterling Ball, CEO of Music Man and the son of acclaimed musical entrepreneur Ernie Ball.

Available in 4-string, 5-string and even 7-string designs, it's no wonder these extremely versatile basses are so sought after by bassists around the globe. When picking out Sterling bass, think about your specific wants and needs as a musician. If you're just starting out on the bass, you should begin your search with the S.U.B. series. Professionally crafted to sound like a more refined instrument, each of these basses is a balanced blend of features and quality, promising a perfect playing experience every time.

If you're a lefty, on the other hand, you'll definitely want to check out the Ray34 Left-Handed Electric Bass Guitar, with its sleek, old-school appearance, a re-voiced preamp and pickup for a noise-free sound, and a lightweight construction. There are even specialty models, like the award-winning RAY35 5-String Bass, that have onboard controls, a 3-band active preamp and a contoured body that stays true to the traditional StingRay 5 design. Iconic in look and with an instantly recognized tone, every Sterling bass has something different to offer so make sure you explore this entire selection.

With accurate intonation and outstanding tuning stability, these basses are enjoyed by hobbyists and professionals alike. Played by artists like Colin Greenwood of Radiohead, Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold and John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Sterling by Music Man basses have a reputation for quality in look and sound. Backed by the famous Ball name, Sterling by Music Man has been a driving force behind bringing basses to the masses. Stunningly designed, and with a look that can't be ignored, whether this is your first Sterling or your tenth, these instruments will simply blow you away.

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