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Building high-end recording gear is something of a tradition for TASCAM. They've been at it for years and they've built up a really solid reputation in that time. When you're looking for equipment to outfit your hobby or professional recording studio, or even something to take quality recording out into the field, chances are very good that TASCAM has the device you need right here in their selection of audio hardware and accessories. Some of the most popular equipment in TASCAM's catalog is the Portastudio series. Digital descendants of the old cassette Portastudios used by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, models such as the DP-03 and DP-03SD are as powerful as they are affordable. Hardware controls like panning, fading and reverb give you plenty of tools for mixing and they even have onboard compression support for manageable file sizes when you transfer the audio to your computer.

Another place where TASCAM has really made a name for itself is in handheld portable recording. Check out some of their compact stereo recorders such as the DR-07Mk.II, topped by adjustable condenser microphones. These devices are small in size but big in features, loaded with functions like overdubbing, peak reduction and levels adjustment. You can use a handheld TASCAM recorder for quickly capturing your own melody "memos to self" or even to make quick on-the-fly demo clips.

TASCAM doesn't leave professional recording studios in the dark, either. A strong selection of mixing boards and hi-definition recorders means that there's plenty to choose from for outfitting your workstation. For instance, the 32-track Portastudio models give you all the flexibility you need for big band arrangements or simply to expand your mixing options.

While TASCAM's history and reputation speak for themselves, it's worth repeating that their recording gear is absolutely worth the investment. You might even be surprised at how easy-to-use the TASCAM equipment is despite the powerful features packed into it. When you want top-quality recordings, look no further than TASCAM.

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