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Old world design meets modern sound with today's electric fretless bass guitars. Just as the classical greats incorporated a stand-up fretless bass into their timeless compositions, as do the bassists for such masters as Paul Simon. The effect the lack of frets has can be heard throughout musical history, lending itself to a variety of melodious genres. Made popular by such musical heroes as John Paul Jones and David Gilmour, the fretless bass gained momentum for being a diverse and rich option musical option. The ability to provide the backbone to such classic songs as ‘Hey You' and ‘In My Time of Dying' makes this instrument a much sought after element to add to jam sessions and studio gigs. The unique range and tone can be woven into melodies seamlessly. The fretless electric bass lacks the boundaries of traditionally constructed bass guitars. Contact with the note is felt immediately and allows the musician full creative license to craft a unique bass line that has stand-alone impact. Sliding your favorite chord up the smooth neck offers a continuous sound that can serves as the perfect backdrop of a bright melody or heavy riff. Even novices can attempt the fretless with ease. Most offer convenient side markers and lines to ensure the proper intonation and pitch. These subtle guides are the key to learning what it truly means to know musical theory and good practice. Thankfully, this practical teaching tool also brings a raging rock vibe that makes learning your arpeggios fun. The range of wood options all comes down to a matter of preference. Looking for a bright and crisp sound? Try alder or mahogany. Smooth and silky jazz tones more your scene? Then you'll probably adore ash or maple. The wooden construction works with you to provide a sound that blends with other instruments just the way you like it. When you pair this unique instrument with a pick-up that collects your notes and transports them perfectly, you've found the ideal combination. The amp you choose should showcase the authentic resonance and hearty tones that are characteristic of this incredibly unique instrument. Have a listen to ‘Boy in the Bubble' by Paul Simon to enjoy the incredible power a fretless bass can truly have. The ability to move around the neck with ease offers a smooth tone that really stands out. Your signature sound is waiting to be heard.