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This is it. It's the heartbeat of a song, the pulse of the concert hall—and if you play metal, it's the best workout your foot will ever get. It's the bass drum, the essential foundation for every drummer's kit, from the greenest hobbyist to the greatest legends of music. It doesn't matter where you fall on that spectrum, our selection of bass drums will provide the perfect choice for any drummer. If you are piecing together your own custom set, the bass drum is the ideal starting point. Will you put together a traditional configuration, or will you take the Tommy Aldridge path and become a master of the double bass? Maybe you're updating your existing kit with a second bass drum or just replacing an old one. Whatever the case, the right drum is certainly waiting for you! Though bass drums are fundamental to most music, from marching bands to rock to orchestra, few relationships on the modern stage are as important as the one between the kick drum and bass guitar. Together, this low-frequency duo creates the foundation upon which great songs—and great bands—are built. Take pride in knowing that you're part of this driving force, and take pride in this most crucial piece of your kit. It may be only one part of your drum set, but we think you'll agree that it's the biggest, and not just in physical size. So go out there and make a big impact at your first gig with your new bass drum—even if that gig turns out to be located in your garage. Whether you're Tim Waterson or John Q. Regular, you'll get the same feeling of satisfaction when you sit down at your drum set, push that pedal, and let the rhythm start flowing.