Bass Amplifier Footswitches

Making your jam session even more flawless is possible when you utilize a bass amp foot switch. This little device allows you to customize what amp settings you prefer and then, with the tap of your foot, switch it up at a moment's notice. When you don't want to interrupt a jam to change up your sound a solid footswitch is an ideal option. Footswitches fall under the category of effects units as they assist you in changing up your sound quickly. They allow the bassist to customize their setup, even if it requires two separate amps. Say if you want to have a certain amount of treble and bass on one song and then completely alter it for the next. You simply plug your first and second channels into the appropriate jacks and you are set to go when the time is right. When you want to incorporate a few separate amp setups, the footswitch plugs into all of them and can engage all amps or one or the other with one tap. The possibilities are exciting as footswitches can be plugged in to very different sounding amps. With one song you may want tonnes of overdrive, but are looking to take the bridge down a notch and incorporate your tube amp. It takes little effort and it makes a huge difference. Experimentation is the key to playing with your footswitch. There are plenty of bassists who have incorporated them into their pedal board to try and create a range of possibilities for jam sessions. It's easy to get creative with your amp arrangement when you can easily switch from one to another. When you can't physically walk over and adjust your amp due to a crowded stage or continuous jam a footswitch is the perfect option. It makes your life easier so you can concentrate on the bass line at hand.

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