Yamaha Recording Gear

With technology getting more advanced by the day, home recording studios are becoming quite popular. No longer does a professional recording mean paying for professional studio time. Of course, to achieve a recording that has a professional edge, you still need gear that's durable, reliable, and crafted by experts in the industry. When you're ready to bring your songs to life in the studio, it only makes sense to go with a name that has been trusted and renowned for over a hundred years. It only makes sense to go with Yamaha recording gear.

Furnishing your studio with the best equipment is crucial to the character of your finished product. Yamaha recording gear is consistently championed by engineering pros for their innovative designs and cutting-edge products. Using state-of-of-art digital technology, Yamaha recording gear is capable of producing a warmth and depth that is simply unmatched.

When you're ready to enhance your studio, remember that the next generation of studio-standard monitors are the Yamaha MSP7's. Sturdy, portable, and superior in performance, these powered monitors feature a 6.5" woofer with treated polypropylene cone, a low-damping rubber for a smooth response, and the tweeters have a powerful magnetic circuit for crisp and natural transients. In the subwoofer department, you can't go wrong with the Yamaha HS8S powered subwoofer. This subwoofer has all the benefits of built-in power and bi-amplification, and the room control and frequency response switches give you custom tailoring of the monitor's response for an accurate performance in any setting.

Recording is easy when your studio is equipped with gear from Yamaha. Since 1972, Yamaha has offered an extraordinary range of professional audio equipment, and as time goes on, their gear only becomes more advanced in functionality. In the world of pro audio sound, Yamaha recording gear is industry standard, and will surely provide you with the quality recording sound your music deserves.

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