Roland Drums & Percussion

Since 1972, Roland has been a trusted name in the manufacturing of musical instruments, equipment and software, and their electronic drums and percussion are no exception. While at one time electronic drums had a synthesized and artificial sound that soon became outdated, today's electronic drums have the ability of replicating the sound of a real acoustic kit. Simply put, electronic drums and percussion have come a long way since the 1980s, and a large amount of credit can be given to Roland's technological advances in the field.

With a dedicated team that's committed to bringing the joy of music to as many people as possible, Roland has built a reputation amongst top recording artists. In fact, renowned drummers like David Cannava and Meytal Cohen are loyal users of Roland drums and percussion, and you'll find more than enough options to choose from throughout their extensive catalog. From kits and sampling pads to acoustic drum triggers and more.

One of the many top-rated items offered by Roland is the TD-30KV V-Pro Series electronic drum kit. Consisting of superb mesh pads and hardware, this kit is industry leading when it comes to expressive sound quality and incredible playability. For those looking for a powerful drum pad, the Roland Octapad SPD-30 is a portable pad that combines the globe's most essential sounds with the latest percussion triggering technology. Another popular choice is the Roland KD-120 V-Kick Trigger Pad. Both sturdy and functional, this trigger pad gives V-Drums and other electronic drum system owners an exceptionally accurate kick drum triggering pad that will surely improve a player's sound.

Owning electronic drums and percussion has many upsides. Not only can they give you the realism of an acoustic kit without having to lug around heavy hardware and cymbals, but they can also allow you to practice anywhere and anytime you like without disturbing others. And thanks to their state-of-the-art designs and innovative craftsmanship, Roland drums and percussion will you consistently performing at the top of your game.

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