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About KRK:

KRK has always taken the design, production and performance of their gear very seriously. As a matter of fact, they have been quite matter of fact about saying that "If it's not right, it won't go to market. Period." This is the kind of dedication you can find in every KRK product, so you can rest assured that whatever you're looking for, they'll be able to provide you with the best solution possible.

KRK gear is used by plenty of big names from all over the music industry. Musicians such as Boyz II Men, Chris Hesse of Hoobastank, Snow Patrol, Billy Morrison, the Manchester Orchestra, and Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch all love their KRK gear. Hey, even the American Film Institute trust KRK with their sounds. With names and organizations like this throwing support behind KRK, it's no wonder you're looking to add their gear to your collection.

But which KRK gear is going to be perfect for you? Well, to be honest, that will probably come down to what it is that you're looking for. For example, if you're after a set of headphones for use in the studio, you should definitely check out the KNS-8400s. These studio headphones offer an incredibly natural frequency response that allows you to focus on monitoring accurately. These precision headphones are able to offer you a reference standard that is unaffected by your location, meaning you'll be able to hear playback accurately no matter where you are, which is a great feature for audio professionals. No doubt about it, your educated ears deserve a set of headphones such as these.

Of course, if you're more in the market for studio monitors, you'll love what the VXT 8 Powered Studio Monitors have to offer. These ultra-reliable monitors deliver defined low end, clear midrange and stunning highs. As a matter of fact, these speakers can easily be compared to world class speakers, but at a fraction of the price. If you're setting up your studio to be its absolute best, there's no better option than the VXT 8.

KRK is a brand that the pros trust, and for good reason. With gear that is built to get the job done, they are respected throughout the industry and certainly worthy of your attention.