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Yamaha is no stranger to the world of music. For 100 hundred years, Yamaha has been continuously manufacturing innovative, cutting-edge products that push industry standards to an even greater level. For this reason, you can be sure that a Yamaha mixer is more than worthy of balancing, positioning and equalizing your tracks perfectly.

As every passionate recording engineer knows, it's a truly gratifying and fulfilling experience when everything starts coming together in the studio and on the stage. For this reason, any professional recording would benefit greatly from a mixer that's reliable, durable, and more than capable of bringing everything together for a product that's crisp, clear and precise.

For a mixer that's both compact and powerful, the Yamaha MG124CX 12-Input stereo mixer features a built-in, high-performance digital multi-effect processor. Considering this mixer contains 12 channels, 4 buses and a wealth of effects, the MG124CX is astoundingly light. Overall, this remarkable sound mixer offers huge performance benefits. Another popular item in the Yamaha catalog is the EMX212S 12-Channel powered mixer. Portable and extremely convenient, this mixer contains 16 Yamaha SPX effects, tons of input options, and built-in graphic EQs. Ideal for small to medium venues, the EMX212S is just further proof that Yamaha is dedicated to perfection.

For exceptional sonic purity and unprecedented creative freedom, Yamaha mixers represent a new level of audio refinement. In fact, Yamaha mixers have drawn the acclaim of top engineers from around the globe for their fantastic operation and immaculate sound. Whether you're mixing tracks in the studio or for live a concert, you can be sure that the perfect Yamaha mixer for any setting can be found in their extensive catalog of top quality rigs. After all, Yamaha mixers are designed and constructed by recording experts who take great pride in everything they develop.

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