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No other advancement in percussion instruments has had as big an impact on the way we make music than the electronic drum set. Although they started out slowly, their accuracy and capabilities got better and better over the years. All the while, Alesis was at the cutting edge, pushing that wave of improvement and leading to the electronic drums we know and play today.

If you've been shying away from electronic drums because you're accustomed to acoustic ones, there's no better time to step outside your comfort zone and see what they can do for you. You'll find a set of Alesis drums to be so much easier to transport, you might end up wondering how you ever went without them for rehearsals and studio visits. They also take less space when you pack up for a tour, and the programmability of drum machines means there's really no limit on what you can make your drum set do.

Alesis drums come in a range of different trim lines, ensuring that the right set is there for all skill levels from beginner to expert. If you're just starting out or looking for something fun and casual, start with the DM Lite Five-Piece Electronic Drumset. It connects right to an amplifier or even headphones if you'd like to keep the rhythm to yourself, and if you're just learning, you'll find the visual feedback from its light-up LED pads really helpful. For the more advanced drummer, a pro-oriented option would be the DM10X 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set, which comes kitted out with a total of ten high-end pads backed by Alesis' flagship DM10 drum module.

Is a full drum set more than you're looking for? Maybe the PercPad and SamplePad would be up your alley - these are compact, portable controllers that work great on their own or as accessories to a larger drum kit. How about using an iPad loaded with GarageBand as your drum module? Alesis makes that easy to accomplish with the DM Dock, allowing you to connect any 30-pin or lightning iPad to Alesis drum pads or triggers.

Easier to transport and far more versatile than acoustic drums, Alesis drums are instruments that every drummer should seriously consider owning. With the ability to drive MIDI cues or call up any sample set you want, electronic drums simply have no equal when it comes to options. If you're ready to give these amazing drums a try, Alesis is ready to show you what they can do.

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