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Whether you're a professional sound engineer or a DJ who prefers to travel with their own rig, you know that putting on the show of a lifetime requires equipment that was built by experienced audiophiles who take pride in helping your music connect with an audience. Of course, high-quality audio has been JBL's passion since 1946, and this section is loaded with options. From subwoofers and monitors to two-way loudspeakers and even personal PA systems, whatever you're looking for when it comes to live sound, you can bet that JBL has it.

Before choosing audio equipment, you'll definitely need to consider a few things beforehand. For instance, if it's a PA speaker that you're after, the size of your venue should play a deciding factor in the choice you go with, since a small pub wouldn't require the same-size speaker as say, an arena. Another thing to think about is what the speaker will be used for. Will it be your main sound reinforcement speaker, or will it be used for monitoring applications? JBL certainly has plenty of choices, but to make your decision easier, check out the PRX412M. Rugged, portable, and lightweight, this two-way speaker system has been designed to act as both a live performance speaker and a stage monitor. No doubt, if you're a band who prefers to travel with their own setup, the 12" PRX412M is an ideal solution.

Or, maybe you're a DJ or engineer who needs something that packs a lot of bass. If so, then obviously a subwoofer is what you need, and for that look no further than the PRX718XLF. One of JBL's most popular subwoofers to date, this 18" powered extended low-frequency subwoofer combines versatility and durability into one self-powered beast that will have dance floors rumbling well into the wee hours. Easy to set up and loaded with 1500-watts of Class D power, the PRX718XLF is highly recommended for outdoor concerts and festivals.

As you can see, it's really no wonder why the JBL name can be found on stages all around the world. Forever on the cutting-edge of pro-audio equipment, JBL is committed to your live sound needs, and this catalog has more than enough examples of prove it.

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