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In September 2018, Gibson released the entire lineup of 2019 Gibson instruments. The collection includes dozens of 2019 Gibson guitars, including two all-time favorite Gibson guitar models, the Les Paul and SG. Both the 2019 Gibson Les Paul guitars family and the double-horn 2019 Gibson SG guitars family include Traditional, Standard, Studio, Classic models and more. Each model offers its own combination of tonewoods, hardware, pickups and finish options.

In the entire history of musical instruments, few rival the iconic status of Gibson Les Paul Guitars. Many have dedicated their lives to researching, cataloging and sharing the history of Gibson Les Paul guitars, as well as collecting and trading. Many books have been written about the Gibson Les Paul, including some dedicated to its iconic finishes, the Goldtop and Burst. Still, let's not forget Gibson's other iconic solid body guitar shapes: the SG, Explorer, Firebird and Flying V. Gibson SG guitars were originally called Les Paul guitars, but Lester William Polsfuss has other ideas.

Decades old and yet seemingly still a design out of the future, Gibson Flying V guitars have spawned copies from several guitar makers, but it's seemingly impossible to top the simplicity of the original. Equally as futuristic are the hard-edged Gibson Explorer guitars and epically smooth Gibson Firebird guitars. There's also a wealth of hollow body and semi-hollow body Gibson guitars to choose from, including the timeless Gibson ES-335 guitars.

If there’s one thing Gibson guitar aficionados love to do, it’s talk about their favorite Gibson Les Pauls. This is simply because Gibson has long set the standard for what an electric guitar should be, as well as what an electric guitar can be. Founded in 1902, Gibson guitars have been ahead of the pack from the get-go, and they continue to push forward their designs as well as the technology behind building absolutely stunning guitars. A quick look at some Gibson achievements is enough to understand why they are such a revered name in the music world.

Gibson invented the archtop guitar. They also were responsible for the production of the first commercially produced hollow-body electric guitar. These were both major milestones in music, and Gibson made them happen. Gibson’s status and second-to-none quality has kept them at the forefront of music, and their guitars are played by some of the world’s most beloved performers. From legends like Chuck Berry, Marc Bolan, B.B. King, Dave Davies, Slash, Angus Young, The Edge, Johnny Thunders, Ace Frehley and Jimmy Page, to modern rockers such as Billie Joe Armstrong and Dave Grohl, many of the best musicians in the world trust their sound to Gibson guitars.

Gibson offers an incredible line of guitars for players of all skill levels and styles. Whatever you’re in the market for, you’ll have no trouble finding it here. Gibson’s past is full of wonderful history and rich achievements, while its future remains bright. With an incredible legacy and flawless reputation, there are few others than can even hold a candle to them. Whether you’re a first time player just learning the ropes, or a veteran touring professional, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better instrument than a Gibson guitar. When it comes to a luthier as legendary as Gibson, learning your way around the instruments can take a little reading. After all, it's a selection more than a century in the making, so getting familiar with it is practically a history lesson. But it's definitely one worth taking, and with so many stories leading up to where Gibson is today, the easiest way to get a sense for them is to approach them one class of guitar at a time. At Musician's Friend, you'll find the best selection of solid body, semi-hollow and hollowbody, and acoustic guitars from Gibson.

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Gibson Les Paul Standard | Gibson Les Paul Studio | Gibson Les Paul Custom | Gibson Les Paul Traditional | Gibson Les Paul Tribute | Gibson Les Paul Special

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