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The original Casio keyboard played a significant role in defining the sound of the 1980s. Today, Casio continues to be used by major artists in nearly every musical genre. Compact, affordable, and capable of producing numerous sounds from various instruments, Casio keyboards are often in a class of their own. What began in 1980 as the Casiotone 201 has blossomed into an incredible range of unique digital pianos for players of all levels. Casio keyboards are jam packed with all kinds of sonic options, along with plenty of rhythmic patterns, beats, and built-in tones that cover a wide array of styles from around the globe.

For those starting out, a 61-key portable keyboard is an ideal choice. Affordable and mobile, this jam packed keyboard is not only bursting with all kinds of effects, but it even consists of a built-in Step Up Lesson system. You can learn by left hand, right hand, or both depending on your own comfort level. Casio's Privia line of digital pianos is filled to the max with a collection of acoustic pianos, vintage keyboard, and synth sounds. The powerful control features and sequencing tools truly sets the Privia apart from other keyboards. It is an unforgettable experience for any budding keyboardist to revel in.

Consistent in play and always versatile, the popularity of Casio Keyboards continues to grow amongst passionate musicians and music lovers alike. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for new, innovating ways to hone your skills, Casio offers something for everyone.

Casio Keyboards

Casio came to fame during the personal electronics boom of the later 20th century. Founded in 1946, they introduced the world’s first compact electronic calculator. After a long line of watches, cameras and other electronics, Casio keyboards followed. Keyboards and MIDI instruments are now one of Casio’s most productive divisions. Casio keyboards are made in three categories: personal keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos. A leader in all three, Casio stays on the cutting edge of new developments in sound.

Casio Synthesizers

The best-selling Casio synthesizer was the CZ-101. It combined analog sound and digital control, and brought synth tones into an unheard-of price range. Casio issued versions of the CZ with full-size keys, increased polyphony and other features. The CZ-1 is the pinnacle of the CZ series. It was discontinued in 1991. Casio’s synthesizer development continued, producing models under the VZ series name. The current flagship is the Casio XW-P1. Like the CZ-101, the XW-P1 brings quality synthesizer sounds into an affordable price range.

Casio Personal Keyboards

Personal keyboards are smaller and housed in a lightweight chassis. They have speakers, effects and accompaniment features. CT and CTK series keyboards are ideal holiday or birthday gifts for young people. They provide fast musical results with a variety of recognizable sounds. One-finger accompaniment with drum beats and bass lines help make music fun for the beginner.

Casio personal keyboards are an instructive amusement for people who are curious about music. But Casio offers more sophisticated versions that are used in professional contexts. Once a keyboard player gets used to playing with the beats, fills and sounds, they can even lead a dance crowd. These keyboards are in the MZX series.

Casio Digital Pianos

Casio introduced the Privia in 2003. With Privia, Casio became a major player in digital pianos for home and stage. When Casio started in the digital piano market, it wasn’t the great sound that surprised everyone. As a respected manufacturer of electronics, that was expected. It was the keyboard action that was so impressive. Improving the quality and value of the Privia keyboards has been a focus ever since. Better models feature hundreds of sounds, increased polyphony and other features.

Casio is among the most respected manufacturers of keyboard instruments in the world. Between their research innovation, design elegance and manufacturing expertise, they offer a compelling selection in all of their keyboard instrument categories.

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