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When it comes to guitar related manufacturers, there isn't much that Dunlop can't do. All over the world, the Dunlop name can be found thanks to the superb craftsmanship and first-class materials used in everything they design.

By simply learning how to play the guitar, you've already given yourself the ability to explore a wide array of sonic purities and effects. All you need now is the proper equipment to take you there, and rest assured, Dunlop has no shortage of incredible products to help you unlock your greatest level of potential.

When Jim Dunlop hit the scene in 1965, it wasn't hard to tell how trusted his name would become amongst players, due to the remarkable quality of everything designed. Today, Dunlop specializes in a seemingly endless range of amplifiers and effects pedals. From flangers, phasers and tremolo pedals to distortion, overdrive, and everything in between, Dunlop has something for every musical genre and taste.

For an exceptionally rated wah pedal, the Dunlop JC95 Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby allows you to perfectly tap into the wide, dark response that is favored by the renowned Alice In Chains guitarist. Rugged, easy to use and amazingly versatile, this wah pedal also consists of road-worn casting, giving it a look that's as cool as it sounds. For classic Hendrix fuzz, go for the Dunlop Jim Hendrix Fuzz Face. An honorable reproduction of the pedal Jimi used on legendary albums like Band Of Gypsys, this pedal is astoundingly responsive, and is greatly recommended to any Hendrix or Fuzz Face fanatic.

For some guitar players, plugging straight into an amp simply isn't enough. So whether you're searching for a unique style that's all your own, or having fun mimicking the sounds of your heroes, incorporating Dunlop effects into your performance is both enjoyable and a great way of broadening your musical horizons to make you a more skillful player.

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