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There are few brands that are more well-known, and that command more respect in the audio world, than Bose. Founded in 1964 by Amar G. Bose, they have been at the forefront of audio engineering for half a decade. With a top-notch reputation, there's no doubt that Bose is the name you should trust when it comes to your live sound. If you're in the market for gear to use during a live performance, odds are that you've already heard of the Bose L1 portable systems. And for good reason, these systems are the best of the best. Much of the Bose live sound equipment is based around the desire to allow you to focus more on your music, and less on your gear. The L1 systems allow you to do just that, by combining your PA and monitors into a single unit that is incredibly easy to transport. These systems can be positioned behind or beside you and, just like that, you hear everything the audience hears. And, best of all, because this is proprietary technology, you're not going to find this versatility in anything other than a Bose. 

While these components are available individually, it can be easier to purchase them all as part of a complete system. So which L1 system is right for you? That comes down to personal preference as well as an understanding of the venues you will be setting up in. If you're playing in very intimate settings, your best bet may be the Bose L1 Compact System. This system is suitable for audiences up to 100 and is the smallest and easiest L1 system to set up. If you're expecting to play venues with a little more size, you'll want to check out the L1 Model 1S System with B1 Bass Module. Suitable for audiences up to 300 people, this expandable system delivers a perfect blend of portability and performance that solo musicians and bands alike will appreciate. Of course, if you're looking for the most advanced system, then the L1 Model II Single B2 Bass with T1 Audio Engine is probably going to be right for you. Perfect for audiences up to 500 people, this system is as powerful as it is versatile. Providing smooth tonal balance for any musician, DJ or public speaker, this system also includes the B2 bass module, which delivers even more power at the low-end.

One thing you can rest assured on, with Bose, you are getting nothing but the best. When you want your live show to sound incredible, trusting your sound to Bose is, without a doubt, the best decision you can make.

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