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If there's one thing that TC Electronic is known for more than anything else, it's asking "how can we do it better?" They've asked that question about a lot of different gear, from effects pedals to amplifiers and more. Although they started small, their honest approach to improving stage and studio hardware has led to TC Electronic amplifiers & effects becoming some of the most popular and sought-after musical electronics on the market today. No matter where you play or what sort of musician you are, it's a safe bet that TC has more than a few options that are right up your alley.

The history of TC Electronic began with an outstanding chorus & pitch modulator and flanger pedal, and the descendants of that stompbox are still the cornerstones of the lineup. Effects like the TC Electronic Corona Chorus TonePrint Series Guitar Effects Pedal and Vortex Flanger TonePrint Series Guitar Effects Pedal are carrying on the legendary TC reputation. They've even drawn support from some of the biggest artists in the biz, which has led to collaborations like the John Petrucci Dreamscape Signature Pedal. This unit, like most of TC's pedals, features their "TonePrint" system, which allows you to download unlimited custom tones for an unrivalled amount of customization.

When it comes to amplifiers, TC have definitely thrown their weight behind the bass. Do you have a "go big or go home" outlook on your amps? If so, you should check out the TC Electronic Blacksmith 1600W Bass Amp Head. It's a rack-mountable behemoth that can handle 8, 4 and even 2-ohm cabinets with ease. Maybe something a bit more traditional is right for you? Take a look at TC's smaller amps, like the BH500 500W Bass Amp Head. And if you'd like a bass amplifier that pulls double-duty, you'll find plenty to like about combo units like the TC Electronic BG250-112 250W 1x12 Bass Combo Amp, which comes with two TonePrint slots to enable some advanced effects handling.

Ready to hit the stage or studio with some really amazing sounds? Then you're ready for TC Electronic amplifiers & effects. The great reputation of TC gear isn't something that happened by accident; they earned it by sticking to their promise of building it better. You'll know that very well if you've already tried some of TC Electronic's hardware, but if you're new, consider this your opportunity to find out firsthand.

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