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From a tiny drum school in Santa Monica, California to one of the most popular and trusted drum, pedal and hardware manufacturers in the world, Drum Workshop has certainly changed over the past forty years. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is their sense of innovation; unique designs, hardware and techniques have been coming out of DW for decades, and are showing no signs of slowing. One area where Drum Workshop has done a great deal of pioneering is in their pedal development. Each DW pedal features their unique ball bearing hinge to reduce friction, while their double pedals have single-post casting which gives the drummer increased opportunity for fluid footwork. The 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedals are high-end and feature an adjustable cam to switch from high-speed to high-power playing as well as nylon straps to easily switch from chain drive.

When it comes to hardware, DW offers a line for every type of drummer, including the 6000 Series for jazz and the 8000 Series for rock and metal. The 5700 Heavy-Duty Straight/Boom Cymbal Stand is a great option for the multi-talented drummer; it's a solid, convertible stand with a braced tripod base and integrated memory locks for fast set-up.

No matter how great your set and hardware is, however, playing will be difficult and awkward without the perfect seat. DW got its start making seats, so by now they've got it down to a science. The Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne is a great option, with its sturdy four-leg folding base and smooth, simple height adjustment. This seat is extremely comfortable and solid for long practice sessions.

DW Drums & Percussion base their product lines around the simple principle that business success will come if they offer products that improve musicians' drumming. And judging by their long list of endorsers, it must be true. When you join the DW club, you're joining the likes of Dave Grohl, Dominic Howard of Muse, Steve Jocz of Sum 41, Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion, Scott Travis of Judas Priest, Nail Peart of Rush, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd and many, many more.

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