Bass Preamps

Bass preamps give you a range of options when it comes to customizing your bass tone. Whether you're looking to customize the amp itself or have decided to add an extra preamp for more control, bass preamps are the answer. Grabbing a preamp for your collection is a great way to play with your sound and increase the amount of options you have at your fingertips. In the 1970s, bass preamps became popular as a result of a bass heavy musical shift. Funk was at its prime and as a result, extremely catchy and memorable bass lines were the norm. Bassists would customize and add internal and external preamps to provide the audience with the pop and gain that caused the genre to make such an impact. On board and external bass preamps are available to suit whatever your needs may be. Say your hybrid bass preamp cuts out, you can easily choose an Angular product that suits your needs and repairs any wear and tear. Some enthusiasts even install an Angular upon arrival of their new amp to enjoy a more customized sound that is synonymous with this favored brand. External bass preamps give a world of customization. AMT Electronics Bass Crunch preamp allows you to plug into your existing amp and play with everything from something as simple as the master volume to the more complex channel sensitivities. The ISP Technologies Beta Bass preamp has a similar use that with its widened construction, allows for a seamless incorporation into your bass setup. Preamps offer a number of capabilities. From creating a colorful tone to converting your signal, to simply lowering the output, the bass preamp gives you greater control over your overall sound, allowing you to create a custom experience each time you play. Seasoned bassists and novices alike can benefit from a solid bass preamp since the creative options are pretty much limitless.

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