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If you could sum up LP in one word, that word would be "passion." Passion for the music and passion for the products they create. LP drums and percussion are instruments that are made for the heart of the rhythm, and they help music come alive like nothing else. Playing these instruments will help you unlock a side of your drumming and percussive talents you never knew existed. LP (Latin Percussion) is a dream that was realized by Martin Cohen in 1964 after stumbling upon the Latin jazz sounds of Cal Tjader one fateful night at New York's famous Birdland club. Cohen was hooked instantly and desperately wanted a pair of bongos of his own. Of course, this was a very different time in our history; a government-imposed trade embargo against Cuba made it incredibly difficult to find quality Latin percussion instruments in America. Undeterred, Cohen decided to build his own prototypes, and with plenty of tinkering and feedback from the community, LP was born.

Today, LP is more than just bongos, in fact, they offer an amazingly diverse line of Latin drums and percussion instruments you'll love checking out. For example, if you're interested in the Cajon, check out the popular Aspire Accents Cajon which features an awesome bottom-end that is full of solid bass tones. Durably built and affordably priced, this is an instrument you're going to love incorporating into your setup.

Another great musical option is the Aspire Timbale Set with High Pitch Jam Block. This is an ideal set for any young and hungry timbalero. These timbales offer a distinct tone that can cut through any band, while the included jam block is durable enough to handle any groove. On their own or placed adjacent to your standard kit, these percussion instruments really get things into the swing.

If you have your heart set on the instrument that started it all for LP, then you've got to get your hands on the M201 Matador Wood Bongos. These bongos feature fine rawhide heads, chrome rims, and wooden shells, for a look and tone that is best of the best, but at a price that won't break the bank. LP has been building bongos since day one, so you know the M201's are going to be everything you need.

A lot has changed since the days when you had to violate international embargos to get your hands on a decent pair of bongo drums. You can thank LP for that. Beloved by musicians around the world, LP is, hands down, the premier builder of Latin drums and percussion instruments in the world today.

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