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With technology improving by the second, so are the possibilities of what electronic drums and cymbals can do for a player's performance. Regardless of your age, skill level or music tastes, electronic kits are a fantastic option to consider. So whether you're making an upgrade to an existing part or building an electronic kit from the ground up, you can bet that this catalog has everything you're looking for.

Owning an electronic kit has many upsides. For one, electronic drums can allow you to hone your craft at a low volume, which is ideal for those who live in apartments and don't want to disturb their neighbors. Another benefit to electronic drum sets is their compactness, which is great for drummers who practice in tighter spaces. These are just some of the reasons why electronic drums and cymbals are becoming so increasingly favored by players. And because of this growing popularity, well-known companies like Alesis, Roland, Simmons and countless others are dedicated to constructing electronic cymbals that sound pristine and respond flawlessly.

For an excellent combination of accurate triggering and natural touch, check out the new Roland V-Cymbal CY-14C-MG Crash. Offering in an impressive metallic-gray color surface to cosmetically match the new V-HI-Hat, new V-Pads and chrome-finished drum stand, this cymbal would be a definite upgrade to any aspiring drummer's electronic kit. Another top-seller is the Yamaha PCY155 3-Zone electronic cymbal pad. Optimal for both live performances and studio recording, this cymbal pad features an edge zone, bow zone and cup zone, which allows you to recreate the distinct sounds that are produced when different parts of the cymbal are played.

Electronic cymbals have come a long way since the 1970s. In fact, the realistic sound of modern electronic cymbals can fool even the most meticulous listener. From standard pieces like hi-hat and rides to effects cymbals like trigger crashes and splashes, today's line of electronic cymbals is continuously expanding, and any percussionist can benefit from fusing them into their setup.