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6+ String Electric Bass

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To the uninitiated, a 6+ string extended range bass might seem like, at best, a regular bass with extra strings, or, at worst, another electric guitar. The reality is very different. An extended range electric bass is a truly unique instrument that is capable of producing absolutely incredible sounds. When choosing a 6+ string electric bass, you're going to want to explore the size of the scale the bass offers. The scale is the length of the bass from the bridge to the nut. The longer the scale, the further apart notes are spread on a string. People with larger hands may be more comfortable with a longer scale bass, such as the Schecter Stiletto Studio-6, while people with smaller hands may be better suited to the shorter scale Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI to increase their maneuverability. It is also worth noting that as you practice and gain experience your hands will become better accustomed to playing, so perhaps a bass you can grow into is right for you. It is also important to know the difference between an active and a passive pickup when purchasing an extended range bass guitar. Passive pickups tend to have a warm and punchy tone, whereas active pickups are usually a little brighter and snappy sounding. If you enjoy a classic sound than a bass with passive pickups could be right for you, however, if you like more control and customization over your sound, active pickups may be the way to go. As with everything, there is no right or wrong… it simply comes down to a personal preference. From the atmospheric rock of the Cure to the pure power-pop of Cheap Trick, 6+ string electric basses have been used to achieve sonically unique sounds on a wide range of legendary recordings. Whether you're just beginning your journey, or looking for a new sound for gigging, a 6+ string electric bass will give you the power and dynamic range you deserve.