Amplifier Covers & Cases

Protecting your amp from any unnecessary damage is a simple task for a solid protective amp cover or case. Whatever amp size you’re working with there is a variety of cases that make it easier for to transport your gear from your gig to home and back again. When you finally find an amp that suits your needs, you’re going to want to protect it as best as possible. There are varying degrees of protective gear available to ensure your amp arrives exactly as it left. If you want the most protection possible, hard case options like the Gator Roto Mold Amp cases or the Road Runner Deluxe 12U Amplifier case are made with extremely dense synthetic material that frees you from worrying about travelling with your gear. Often, these units will come with castors, making it even easier to cart your amp into bars and onto the stage. Amp covers are another great option if you want to extend the life of your amp. If you play mostly at home, pick up the Fender Princeton 112 or the Aguilar Amp Cover to shield your amp’s exposed parts from dust or accidental spills. They’re easy to put on and could end up saving you a bundle should your amp have to remain in a high traffic area. If you’re working with a practice amp you might find a smaller gig bag will suit your needs. Options like the DV Mark Little Amp Bag or the ZT Lunchbox Amp Carry bag come with convenient straps that make it easy to throw your amp over your shoulder instead of having to use two hands to carry it. This way when you’re ready to jam you can quickly head out the door with your guitar and amp whenever you feel like it. Whatever you’re working with, there is an amp cover or case that will not only make transporting your gear much easier but also protect it. Having that kind of peace of mind is priceless.

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