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For a drummer, there's no such thing as an unimportant instrument. In the drums and percussion that surround your throne, every single piece has a role to play in creating rhythms and beats that become the pulse of the music. At the same time, every manufacturer has its focus, and there's no doubt that for Zildjian, that focus is on cymbals. Descended from a long history of artisans going back to the modern cymbal's birthplace in Turkey, Zildjian knows the ins and outs of these instruments like no one else.

That's why you should definitely give this selection a close look when you're searching for new cymbals. All the usual suspects are here, of course: splash, crash, ride, china and hi-hat for starters. You'll also find some really outstanding specialty cymbals in Zildjian's lineup, like the 18-inch Spiral Trash Effects Cymbal. It looks almost like someone put a regular cymbal through a pencil sharpener, and the sound is every bit as unique as the visuals. Another great example is the K-series EFX Cymbal, which can really add a ton of character to your performance.

To get the most out of your percussion instruments and to make sure they're properly cared for, look no further than Zildjian's accessory options. A good baseline would be the Survival Kit, which comes with a drumhead repair patch, snare strings, felts, stand sleeves and washers so you'll always have replacements ready when you need them. For recording, try pairing the Zildjian Gen16 controller with its matching Gen16 Acoustic-Electric Cymbal Pick-Up. Whatever you're looking to do with your cymbals and percussion, Zildjian can help you out.

One of the newer areas that Zildjian has ventured into is the drum stick market, and it didn't take them long to make their presence known there. Today, they've got tons of different sticks and brushes to choose from, giving you all kinds of control over your playing experience. If you want to practice the techniques of your favorite drum legend, you might like to try a set of signature sticks. Zildjian makes these for drummers like Ronnie Vanucci, Dave McClain, Travis Barker, Brooks Wackerman and plenty of other artists as well.

Whether you're looking to follow in legendary footsteps or blaze your own path in the world of percussion, Zildjian is sure to have some great instruments, accessories and tools for you. It takes a lot to become the world's leading cymbal maker, after all, and this is one manufacturer that always delivers good things to your drum and percussion kit.

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