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Whatever your skill level, digital pianos bring a fresh sound to center stage. The crisp tones blend beautifully with guitar riffs or stand out on their own when you showcase your carefully composed solo. On the road or at your favorite watering hole, a digital piano provides your audience with an exciting array of sounds that makes your performance one to remember. Fan favorites such as The Police and Elton John have shown the world just how incredible a digital version of the classic piano sound can be. Utilizing your own natural talent, you can do the same. Depending on what suits your musical aesthetic, there are a host of selectable options that you can contrast and compare. Sampling is a major bonus of these keyboard style pianos. Busting out an acoustic guitar chord or an echoing brass horn is possible thanks to an extensive sound bank. Layering sounds and providing a solid backup for your lead guitarist puts these units at the forefront of a complete musical experience. Designed with external amplification in mind, digital pianos are professional enough to require a hearty companion amp that makes your sweet sounds known. All of the focus is on creating this keyboard unit rugged enough to go on tour, even if it's just down the block.

Once you plug in a stage piano, you'll feel fulfilled and confident that your sound will have an impact. Smooth keys and easy-to-use menu selections allow the artist to re-create solid funk in the style of Stevie Wonder or simply play a silky jazz tune reminiscent of Duke Ellington. Your hands easily glide over the carefully crafted keys, making scales and practice time extremely effective. And with all of your digital options close at hand, you can easily switch up you your sound in an instant. The overwhelmingly robust sound of a digital piano easily rounds out a trio or stands alone, most likely bringing the audience to their knees. When music is at its full capacity, it surrounds you, envelops you and gives you a feeling that only the melody itself can articulate. The power is yours to treat your fans to a truly glorious auditory experience.
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