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About Roland:

A leader in the manufacturing of electronic musical instruments and software since 1972, Roland is continuously trusted around the world for their pristine sound and flawless craftsmanship. From amplifiers and effects to synthesizers, digital mixers and even V-Drum tutorial software, Roland's catalog is far-reaching and caters to anyone who is passionate about playing and recording music.

Every musician deserves to hone their skills on equipment that was made to last through countless practices and performances. With Roland, you can have comfort in knowing that the musical equipment you're playing on has been tried and tested by professionals who take pride in broadening the horizons of your musical potential. In fact, the great deal of effort that Roland puts into everything they design has earned them praise from many top-recording artists, including Jason Freese, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Dave Navarro and countless others.

For drummers who are looking for an electronic alternative to a natural and realistic experience, the Roland TD-11K V-Compact Series Electronic V-Drum kit is a perfect option for both amateurs and experts alike. Containing an enhanced sound engine with Behavior Modeling, this kit contains a diverse sound library that covers a wide variety of musical genres. Roland is also well known for their guitar amps, and the CUBE-80GX 80W 1x12 guitar combo amp is a compact yet versatile beast that sounds exceptional onstage and in the studio. Featuring iOS connectivity, a custom-designed 12-inch speaker and an impressive range of tones at your command, the CUBE-80GX is a prime example of Roland's ability to stay on the cutting-edge of musical instrument technology.

Getting inspired is easy when you have equipment that was built with your aspirations in mind. And whether you're a beginner keyboardist, a touring electronic drummer or a budding audio technician, you can bet that Roland has just what you need to fully realize your greatest level of potential.