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About QSC:

Never a company to rest on its laurels, QSC has proven itself as an industry leader in live sound reinforcement, with professional audio solutions for venues ranging from the smallest coffeehouse to the largest outdoor pavilions. QSC's lineup of lightweight, portable active PA speakers are a dream come true for DJs, live musicians and other mobile performers, while its series of tour-grade passive enclosures, mixing consoles and powerful amplifiers provide audio engineers with the tools they need to deliver high-quality concert sound.

QSC has been in business for nearly five decades, consistently designing and producing some of the world's most popular power amplifiers at its Orange County, California manufacturing facility. It has steadily built a reputation for uncompromising build quality, reliability, customer service and exceptional sound. The secret to QSC's success is its unwavering dedication to rigorous product testing, quality control and developing new technology to push its own boundaries.

When QSC launched its game-changing K Series active loudspeakers, it took the market by storm and redefined the industry's expectations of what a compact, portable, active PA enclosure should be. For seven years, the K Series enjoyed unbridled success, and the company could have easily rested upon its achievements. Instead, QSC wasted no time hitting the drawing board after the launch to completely reimagine and improve upon what was already a runaway hit. With global sales still on an incline, QSC introduced the K.2 Series in 2017, a lineup of speakers that was redesigned from the ground up. Most companies wouldn't dare to mess with a proven recipe for success like the legacy K Series, but QSC isn't like most companies.

The K.2 Series from QSC features lightweight, compact molded enclosures in 8", 10" and 12" models to fit a wide range of applications. The ultra-portable 8" K8.2 has the widest dispersion in the lineup, making it ideal for smaller venues where the audience is very close to the performance area. It's also great as a floor wedge monitor, and thanks to its onboard DSP with 11 built-in factory presets, the QSC K8.2's EQ curve—and that of the rest of the lineup—can be customized for monitoring with the simple, user-friendly LCD interface. There's even a preset for studio monitor use, and a setting for dance music that redirects more power to the woofer for greatly improved low-frequency response. The dance setting, in particular, is the perfect secret weapon for mobile DJs and others who need powerful, tight bass response in order to accurately reproduce today's dance music.

Rounding out the QSC K.2 Series lineup are the 10" K10.2 and the K12.2, which boasts the deepest bass response, thanks to its 12" low-frequency driver. No matter which model you choose, you'll appreciate the completely redesigned power module, which distributes nearly twice the amount of Class-D power to the LF driver compared to the legacy QSC K Series. And with 2,000 watts of peak power on tap, the K.2 Series has the chops to handle more than you can throw at it.

Of course no live PA system is complete without a good subwoofer to round out the low end, and QSC has no shortage of sub options. From the super-portable, 12" KS112 to the beastly 18" KW181, to the simple-to-deploy KLA Series line array system, QSC has the perfect active subwoofer to give your sound system the bass your audience craves. If too much bass in the wrong places is your problem, QSC has a solution for that as well. Launched in 2017, the QSC KS212C is the world's first single-box, portable, powered cardioid subwoofer, which is designed to keep bass in its place—on the dance floor, not on the stage or in the DJ booth.

In order to get high-quality sound from a set of active or passive PA speakers, the sound going into the speakers must also be of superior quality. That's where QSC's TouchMix compact mixers come into play. Billed as the world's most powerful small-format digital mixers, the TouchMix Series offers the unique sound, features and capabilities of top-notch, large-format consoles in a highly compact, portable and streamlined package. With capacitive color TFT touchscreens, the QSC TouchMix-8, TouchMix-16 and TouchMix-30 Pro offer intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and a comprehensive set of features, all in consoles small enough to fit in carry-on luggage. Class-A microphone preamps, anti-feedback and room-tuning automation ensure nothing short of outstanding audio quality. Designed as the ultimate rehearse, record and perform device, QSC TouchMix Series mixers all offer direct-to-disk multitrack recording to a connected USB hard drive without the need for a computer.

A clear leader in power amplifier products and technology, QSC offers several different amplifier series to suit a wide range of pro-audio needs. Part of the GX Series, the GX3 stereo power amplifier is ideal for budget-minded professional performers who demand maximum reliability, unwavering audio quality and rugged build quality. At the other end of the spectrum, QSC offers the PLD 4.5—part of the PLD Series—which is designed for professional portable, multi-channel production applications. The QSC PLD Series features Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST), next-generation Class-D amplification with Power Factor Correction (PFC) and advanced digital sound processing. Providing the best of both worlds with the GXD 4 and GXD 8 amplifiers, the GXD Series is situated between the GX and PLD lineups, delivering advanced DSP capability and outstanding value with a price point that won't break the bank.