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About C. F. Martin & Company

Also called the Martin Guitar Company (or simply, Martin), C. F. Martin & Company is the oldest United States guitar maker in business today. The company was founded by Christian Frederick Martin. His father, George Martin, is said to be one of the first guitar builders in Germany. Christian Frederick Martin began his long journey making guitars at the early age of 15. He traveled to Vienna to apprentice with renowned guitar maker, Johann Stauffer. Stauffer’s techniques influenced Martin throughout his career. When Martin returned to Markneukirchen, Germany, to start his own company, he found himself caught in a dispute between the Violin Makers Guild and the Cabinet Makers Guild. Martin was a descendant of Cabinet Makers, and thus, belonged to that guild.

The cabinet makers successfully defended their right to manufacture guitars. However, the dispute took a toll on C. F. Martin, who decided to immigrate to the United States. On September 9, 1833, Martin left Germany for New York City. Martin quickly set up the first Martin guitar making shop at 196 Hudson Street on the Lower West Side. In 1859, the first Martin guitar factory was constructed in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, at the intersection of North St. and Main St. When you're looking to purchase a guitar from a brand that has plenty of experience, it's hard to find one better qualified than C. F. Martin & Company. With over 180 years of experience producing guitars for amateurs and touring professionals alike, Martin knows what it takes to make a guitar that is going to sound unlike any instrument you have had the opportunity to play before.

Over the years, Martin guitars have graced stages with some of the most skilled, impressive, and popular performers the world has ever seen. Today, musicians such as Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Chris Carrabba, Chuck Ragan, Jake Bugg, the guys in Frightened Rabbit and the Gaslight Anthem, Dallas Green of City and Colour, Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons and more all love their Martin guitars and make use of them at every opportunity. With such a diverse and impressive lineup of artists toting their Martin guitars from show to show, it's no wonder you're looking for one of your own. Whether you're looking for an amazing instrument, or accessories such as strings and cases, C. F. Martin & Company has you covered. With the experience and the skills, they truly are among the elite names in the music industry.

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